Why is the Pacvac Superpro 700 durable and efficient?

The Superpro 700 as a patented Active Air Hypercone and Offset Dome Lid.

This design is exclusive to Pacvac.

As you would be aware the key to ensuring good suction of your vacuum cleaner is airflow. Vacuums must maintain a continuous flow of air through the hose, into the machine and out of the unit to ensure effective suction.

With many vacuums on the market, once the unit starts getting full, the dust restricts the airflow which causes machine work harder and places stress on the motor.

How does Pacvac compare with other back pack vacuums in the market?

Snorkel Effect

However, Pacvac’s Hypercone has a snorkel effect in which air can still pass through the machine, even as it fills with dust. This ensures it maintains maximum suction and performance.

This is combined with the Offset dome lid which creates a cyclone effect. This cyclone effect in the unit means that the dust won’t settle and compact.

This helps maintain the airflow in the machine further optimising performance and ensuring it is working to its most effective level.

As an added kicker, less stress on the motor will extend your vacuums already impressive machine life.

In a nutshell

  • More efficient suction
  • Less stress on the motor
  • A quicker & more efficient vacuum

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