Pacvac Superpro 700

Pacvac Superpro 700

This pacvac model will be our best seller from the range.

It’s a tremendous amount of kit for the money, justifying it’s place in any cleaner’s cupboard with the sheer performance and comfort.

Delivering the ultimate in cleaning efficiency for general vacuuming purposes, this machine encompasses versatility, durability, power and an offering of increased productivity; making it one of Pacvac’s most popular products.

Increased Productivity

Pacvac claim a huge boost to productivity when vacuuming and we can verify their claims. Having used it in lots of different environments, there is no doubt that vacuuming is done quicker and more efficiently with the Pacvac.

It particularly excels when used on staircases or multi-level rooms like auditoriums (lecture theatres, theatres, cinemas etc) and in places where there is fixed seating. Having a tub vacuum dragging behind you and banging into fixtures and fittings is frustrating and not great for the wear and tear of the walls, doors and furniture that gets bashed up but tub vacs.


Ergonomic fitting means you can vacuum for a long time without fatigue.

Ergonomic fitting means you can vacuum for a long time without fatigue.


We’ve found that the Pacvac promotes better posture when vacuuming. Watch people use a tub or upright vacuum; they lean over. This creates unnecessary pressures on the lower back and slows down productivity.

The LONG Cable!

The Clever Bungee


Inside the Pacvac

Inside the Pacvac



This model has a RRP of £249.00 and will be a great investment for anyone who uses a vacuum cleaner. Simple!


1000w motor with 38 litee of airflow per second gets you some serious suction and improved efficiency.

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