OK Bulk Pack, it’s time. The game’s up.

Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue

So next in the firing line is the dreaded bulk pack!

I recently went after another washroom stalwart in the shape of the C-Fold Hand Towel but it’s high time that the users of bulk pack toilet tissue (AKA flat sheet) also were offered some advice.

Again, it’s an outdated product that is majorly flawed in the sense it has really inefficient and unhygienic dispensing mechanism and creates a lot of mess, not to mention bleeding your bank account dry.

Here are my key points to consider;

  • Dispensers are low capacity = frequently need to be restocked
  • Frequent restocking incurs increased labour costs or an empty dispenser
  • Empty dispenser mean unhappy  and inconvinienced users
  • Over filling dispensers prevents just 1 sheet being pulled at a time
  • Clumps of sheets are often grabbed as a result of over-stocking
  • Massive wastage (that often ends up on the floor)
  • Untidy presentation very quickly after being restocked and tidied
  • Negative washroom image and user dissatisfaction
  • Cheap to buy but very high ‘cost in use’ = false economy
  • Cross-contamination from sharing touch points on dispenser and sheets
  • High use result in big environmental impact
Bulk Pack can be really unhygienic, messy and ultimately very expensive due to low 'cost in use'

Bulk Pack can be really unhygienic, messy and ultimately very expensive due to low ‘cost in use’

This is still a hugely popular product but is slowly being phased out by manufacturers. The time to upgrade and get so much more for your money is now.

There are several options when looking to change. Depending on the washroom traffic and environment, we recommend a toilet roll system that fits the same dispensers ‘foot print’ on the cubicle wall but is a million times more efficient (plus it looks ace too).

Give us a call to chat through some alternatives and costings.

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