National Toilet Paper Day! Here’s some friday facts & stats about life’s favourite consumable

So today, according to the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia, is National Toilet Paper Day.

It’s not often (or ever) that us in the cleaning trade have our own day so I thought I’d mark this occasion by throwing out a few facts and stats about life’s most essential consumable item.

1. Do most people hang the toilet paper roll with the sheet over or under?

According to the Cottonelle Roll Poll:

• 72% – hang toilet paper with the first sheet going over the roll
• 28%- prefer to hang the first sheet under the roll

2. Are most people “wadders” or “folders” of toilet paper?

When it comes to toilet paper, women are more apt to be grabbers and wadders, while men tend to be folders.
• Folders/Stackers: 40%
• Wadders: 40%
• Wrappers: 20%

3. By Recycling 1 ton of paper you save:

– 17 trees 6953 gallons of water
– 463 gallons of oil
– 587 pounds of air pollution
– 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space
– 4077 Kilowatt hours of energy

4. How much time does a person spend on the toilet over a lifetime?

According to various studies, the average person spends 3 years on the toilet over the course of a lifetime!

5. Do people who run supplies companies have really clean houses that are full of stock?

Despite co-owing a business that has over 15,000 rolls in stock at any one time, Dave never has any toilet paper in house and the other day, he even had to go to the local shop to buy some.

*Source: The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia

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