Nasty odours coming from washroom drains?

I recently visited a couple of schools that have drains located in the centre of some of their washrooms. Both schools in question has very nice facilities and smart well maintained toilets. However, the hard work was almost in vain as the foul odours coming from the drain counteracted the feeling of cleanliness in the washroom. The problem lies in the trap.

Drains in washrooms can sometimes kick up nasty odours

In plumbing, a trap is a U-, S-, or J-shaped pipe located below or within a plumbing fixture. An S-shaped trap is also known as the S-bend. The bend is used to prevent sewer gases from entering buildings. This isn’t always successful, as the schools in question will testify.

Selden have a solution. It’s called C170 Biodour-ex. Designed for cleaning soiled carpets, this product is also fantastic at combating the offensive smells coming from your washroom drain. Here’s what Selden have to say;

‘Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator. Breaks down organic soiling and stains. Powerful citrus scent, immediate relief from foul smells. Ideal for washrooms and use on carpets. Safe for use on all types of absorbent surfaces.’


On a weekly basis, pump a couple of doses of this chemical into a bucket of warm water (about 7-10 litres) and throw it down the drain at the end of a night shift to be left overnight. The biological action continues until the organic matter is completely consumed or until the area dries. Carry this out slightly more frequently to start with if the odour persists.

Kitchen area

If you have a similar problem in catering areas (often timed food dispensers are quite smelly) then you can try this biological drain cleaner.

Ideal for drain cleaning and degreasing in catering areas

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