Mopping with dirty water – A common mistake

Mop Buckets

Some mop buckets can make it virtually impossible for cleaners to do a good job. Hundreds of thousands of cleaners are asked to do the impossible; clean a floor by mopping with dirty water.

What’s happening?

Using a standard mop bucket without a filter, the water just gets more dirty each time you rinse and wring the mop. Then all that happens is the dirt and filth is moved around the floor with the mop. Not ideal!

Here’s an image comparing standard mop bucket water with a filter and grid system found in High-tower buckets;

Without filter. With filter.

As you can see, the dirt remains in suspension when using an ordinary bucket yet is trapped beneath the clean water when a filter and grid is used. Here’s how it work on an actual mop bucket;

Cross-section of High-tower bucket with filter and grid

Could it be time you invested in new mop buckets for your cleaning team?

Also, do your cleaners insist on using HOT water to mop with?

This could be detrimental to their efforts as the chemicals can be burnt off into the atmosphere when added hot water, rendering the liquid mixture in the bucket with little or no cleaning properties.

Even when using hot water, by the time it gets onto the mop and spread over the floor the temperature of the water will have significantly dropped.

Luke warm or cold water will suffice and that will have a dramatic effect on the water bill in the premises, not to mention cleaner surfaces!


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