MicroOne Wipe

Vileda MicroOne

MicroOne Single Use Microfibre Wipe

These cloths Vileda are a great way to ensure cross-infection is reduced to a minimum.

They are also a versatile option for created a wipe that is impregnated with the virucidal chemical of your choice.

How To Use

Conventional methods: Dip and wring the wipe by using a bucket with cleaning solution or spray cleaning solution onto the wipe via a spray bottle. Wipe over the surface and dispose the wipe.

Pre-prepared method:

  1. Open the plastic pack with 50 wipes and place it in a Vileda 6L bucket. Wrap the plastic bag over the bucket rim.
  2. Pour 500 mL (for cleaning) or 600 mL (for disinfection) of solution over the stack of wipes.
  3. After waiting 15 minutes the liquid is evenly distributed within the stack of MicroOne wipes which are now ready to use
  • Use all wipes during the day to prevent bacterial growth
  • When using disinfecting solution the wipes can be stored up to 7 days
  • The plastic bag-in-bucket concept prevents that the bucket gets in touch with the moist wipes
  • No residues and soiling in the bucket mean no bacterial growth on the bucket inner surface
  • The lid of the bucket is easy to open and to close
Resealable bag is ideal for readiness and convenience.

Resealable bag is ideal for readiness and convenience.

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