Merlin GP Powder

Multipurpose Cleaner Powder from Merlin

Powder chemicals have been around for a while now but we don’t see them that often.

In specific environments, chemical powders can be ideal. Portable, inexpensive and versatile, this powder produces a multi-purpose cleaning chemical when added to water.

Below are some examples of how GP Powder can be applied.

Merlin GP Powder How  -to Wallchart

Merlin GP Powder Applications


GP Powder comes in a 5kg tub with a 600g refillable portable tub for cleaners to take with them or to keep in their local cleaning cupboard.

One end of the spoon offers the correct dose for a 750ml trigger, the other end of the spoon is enough for a bucket of water.

GP Powder is available in three fragrances;

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Floral

Click below to read all about where you can use the GP Powder (and where not to use it!)

Merlin GP Powder

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