Look after your broom…

So much good has come from the 3 or 4 days of bad. A lot of it in the form of cleaning! Fantastic to see the true British spirit spring to life in the form of the massive volunteer led clean up operation with communities teaming up with their brooms and bin bags in a bid to restore peace and normality in their area.

Want to help? Check out http://www.riotcleanup.co.uk/ to see what clean up operations have been planned in each area that’s been effected. You can also follow them on  twitter @riotcleanup.

I’ve heard of businesses sending their employees to help clean up instead of going to work which is fantastic idea. Hopefully more businesses will donate just a few hours to the cause and our streets will be safe and clean in no time.

On a lighter note, the recent picture posted on the web recently of the 100’s of brooms held aloft reminded me of a great scene from Only Fools and Horses;

Trigger; Well, you know what they say, Dell…

Dell Boy: What’s that, Trig?

Trigger: Look after your broom.

Dell Boy; …and you’re broom will look after you?

Trigger; No. Just look after your broom.

Good luck and hats off to Broom Army across the nation!

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