Logistics and Warehouse Manager Appointed

Logistics and Warehouse Manager appointed

We are always looking to uphold, improve and safeguard our level of customer service. As Source Supplies develops, there is a need every so often to strengthen the personnel in specific areas of the business in order to maintain these service levels.

Key Player

Our next hire is in what we see as a critical role. The person who holds lots of day-to-day operational knowledge in our business is Dave, our founder and co-owner. This appointment is designed to delegate lots of this knowledge and understanding to our Logistics and Warehouse Manager who will report into Dave and Ollie.

With over 25 years experience in the contract cleaning industry, our Logistics & Warehouse Manager, Stuart Cannon, has been in your shoes. He understands what really is important from a customer’s perspective as he’s been there and done it. With this level of empathy, we are expecting our service to go up another notch still.


The recruitment of this position has been long awaited as there are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked and candidates who can tick those boxes are few and far between. Having listened to customer feedback, we’ve known there are one or two processes that can be bolstered and this is our commitment to change and progression. It just couldn’t be rushed.

This decision was not one that Dave and Ollie have taken lightly. This decision was made from inside the shoes of our customers and we’re upbeat that we have our man in Stuart.

Handing Over The Reigns

We are delighted to be in the position of steadily handing over lots of key decision making to Stuart. We’re confident that you, our customer, will also have confidence when transferring away from Dave as your main point of contact on logistics and general operational based inquiries.

Dave’s not going anywhere, he’s just doing more navigating of the ship instead of turning the wheel and changing the gears all day (and fixing the engine room as and when required).


We’ll be introducing Stuart to you in the coming weeks, to many of you in person, to outline exactly what elements of our working relationship will be eventually handled by someone who is not called Dave!

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’ – Socrates





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