Liberty & Green to be rebranded

Liberty & Green is to be rebranded

Below is a letter from the owners of our favourite luxury hand products regarding the imminent changes to the Liberty & Green brand.

We are writing to inform you that we will be changing our Company name and rebranding all our products starting from June 1st 2016. 

This may appear sudden, but we have had a legal case ongoing for several months, and we have only now reached a settlement and are in a position to notify everyone.

In a nutshell, Lawyers acting for the department store Liberty of London threatened legal action against us two days before Christmas, claiming we were trading on their name and infringing their trademark. This was a complete shock to us, as we have never sought to associate ourselves with the Liberty department store in anything we do. Not only is our branding completely different but our sphere of business operations is entirely different. Indeed, I first registered ‘Liberty and Green’ here in Canada over seven years ago, and in all that time, both in North America and in the UK, I can honestly say we have NEVER been asked if we were associated with Liberty’s department store!!!

My intention when creating the brand, was to develop a product I thought the market place was sadly missing, namely, a responsibly sourced range of hand & body care products that our customers could both enjoy and afford. At the same, time being free of Parabens and SLS whilst having the benefits of being made in England. I also designed and put together our own range of dispensers that would be a fixed asset to those who purchased them, as unlike some of our competitors there would be no locking-in of bottle with holder! So in this context, LIBERTY & GREEN was and in no particular order; freedom of choice, independence, environmentally conscious, responsibly sourced ingredients, but above all a brand we could be proud to sell to our customers.

But despite this being presented to Liberty, we were rapidly accelerating a legal bill trying to defend our position and eventually had no option but to give in. We are at the end of the day, a small company and their legal resources and their bullying tactics just became too much for us to take on.

So where did that leave us? After many late nights, lots of strong coffees, a few beers, and the kind help and encouragement from friends and a few of our oldest customers, we decided to go for a completely new brand and relaunch!

Living in Canada, I was remembering what I truly missed about England and what I wanted to do when the family moves back later this summer. To go for a nice picnic, where we spent many weekends when the family was young and the one place I couldn’t get out of my mind, was ‘Tyneham’, a beautiful old village on the Jurassic coast in Dorset. 

It just seemed so right to call ourselves ‘TYNEHAM LUXURY PRODUCTS’ 

We have been working hard on the logo and branding of the bottles and we’re really pleased with what we have come up with and hope you will be too! You needn’t worry, as we will still continue to offer our great products that we have spent years sourcing and formulating, at affordable prices whilst providing you with our great customer service too!!!

We had a very good year last year, enjoyed expansion in the UK and started exporting our luxury products to new countries. We are excited about the new name and hope we can count on your continued support.

Again, this is purely a change of name and branding. The company number, its ownership, structure and finances are unchanged. We will still be continuing to sell Liberty and Green branded products over the next few months, however Tyneham products will be available soon, we will keep you posted!

Many thanks and best regards

Stephen King
Managing Director

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