Liberty and Green – a new brand

Liberty and Green – a new brand

Native iD were re-branded to Liberty and Green. Here’s the story straight from the horse’s mouth:

We are delighted to announce that our new natural range of hand and body care products branded ‘Liberty and Green‘ are now in stock, replacing Native iD.

What is and what isn’t in these products?

These wonderful products contain essential oils of lavender, mandarin and sage and are named Joy! Current variants include Wash, Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner. Packed in both 300ml and 1000ml Eco-friendly refill bottles.

liberty-and-green-joy-wash (3)

Aimed at boutique hotels and selected retailers we believe that these products have so much to offer and compete favorably with the vast majority of other natural products on today’s market.

Free from parabens, SLS, SLES and cruelty Free. From freedom came LIBERTY!

Keeping it GREEN

The formulation of these products took many months to achieve, resulting in a carefully chosen fragrance combined with a luxurious feel to each product that would be enjoyed by all.  Our aim was to purchase both product and components as close to home as possible meeting with both our customer’s social responsibilities and ours – we’re keeping it GREEN!

Our skin care products are made in England as are our 300ml printed bottles. We opted for a very reliable pump from Italy. For most of our customers the bottles will be in situ for twelve months before being replaced. These bottles will be regularly topped up by our Eco-friendly refill containers, both our bottles and pumps are always guaranteed for this period of time. All of our plastic components are recyclable.


We chose to run with 1000ml top-up refill containers, for two reasons. Firstly, we know from experience it is extremely difficult for housekeepers to completely use-up all the product from Lotion and Conditioner bulk containers by means of a pump because the product is too viscous to pour. This can leaves a fair amount of waste at the bottom of the container. Being ergonomically beneficial to housekeepers, we opted for a 1ltr refill bottle that has a flip top nozzle for easy squeezing of liquids into our 300ml bottles with no mess.

1 litre bottles designed to reduce waste

1 litre bottles designed to reduce waste

In addition, when nearing the end of content, the bottle can be left upside down so product is ready for the last refill task with no waste! Secondly, like the 300ml bottle size, there is the opportunity to sell this 1ltr pack size to your guests adding extra revenue.

Responsible Ingredients

Fact; some large companies still use Parabens in their lotions, along with Sodium Laureth Sulphate in wash and Shampoo products, the cheap alternative! However the swing is growing due to public awareness that some ingredients are no longer tolerated as acceptable in these cosmetics, hence the shift to alternatives.

As seen on the North American market, Europe is now also seeing a trend to purchase natural or organic based products, although our main stream products: Calm and Spice do not contain the above, they are perfumed based (man-made) so the addition of natural products has been in the making for over two years and we think we have now brought to the market some exceptional products.

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