Launching Source Hygiene Services

Source Hygiene Services



Filling a gap in the market for hygiene services

For years I’ve been party to conversations about the sub-standard service from washroom services providers.

We all know who the big player is with the grey and yellow logo who have been snapping up small-medium independent hygiene companies in some sort of UK wide crazy acquisition drive. The result of this growth is a diluted service as you will probably know too well (hopefully you are nodding your head).

Tracy & Ollie celebrating business success.

Source Hygiene Services

It was natural progression for us to do this. Adding a service to our range built for customers who are already enjoying our service from our core business of toilet rolls, mops and chemicals.

Our objective is to bring the same level of service to washroom services;

  • Feminine hygiene bins
  • Air fresheners
  • Entrance matting

Where we intend to succeed

  • Remove the feeling of being trapped or manipulated into complex rolling contracts by offering shorter obligations and more flexible terms
  • Offer consistency with drivers so they know each site and are not requiring your time helping another driver locate the bins – we will have a backup driver
  • Introduce software that provides real time updates and schedules for emptying bins and restocking air fresheners – fully transparent to the customer
  • Provide value for money right across the service

Get back that small company feel

If you are begrudging the service of your big national hygiene service provider and want a high-touch service from a company that gives a s*** then please get in touch.


The wheels are very much in motion and we’re currently choosing our preferred range of products and drawing up marketing literature, contract templates and pricing structures. We’re aiming to launch in Q2, right at the start of April.

What we need to know

  • When your current contract(s) expire
  • If your provider has breached the agreement in any way
  • The number of units you have on site(s)
  • The type of hygiene units you require
  • Any suggestions of how we can provide the service you desire

With the following information, we’ll be able to position a realistic time for switching over to Source Hygiene Services pending a quote and contract offer.

Please email Ollie to register your interest with the above information or call us on 01276 676006.



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