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Katrin is a brand owned by Metsa Tissue. Metsa Tissue have fantastic environmental values that ultimately produces great products are extremely environmentally friendly.

Metsa own their own forest which gives them complete control over the sustainability of their production.

Here’s a few facts that underline their green credentials;

  • Metsa Tissue is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • All Katrin packaging is completely recyclable
  • Forest law in Finland dictates that forests are immediately regenerated. For every tree cut approximately 4 new ones are planted. Additionally 10-20 new trees are grown naturally
  • Metsa Tissue produces around 600,000 tons of recovered paper each year

Metsa Tissue proudly holds the Nordic Swan Environmental Label

Metsa Tissue proudly holds the Nordic Swan Environmental Label

What do this mean for you, the customer?

It means that if you want to ‘go green’ with your paper consumables, you don’t have to use a recycled product.

Many of Katrin virgin paper products are even more environmentally friendly than most recycled paper products.

Therefore, you don’t have to put up with grey coloured products just because you’re opting for environmentally friendly products.

Katrin Colours Explained

What Else?

Because virgin fibres are used in most of the Katrin range, there is no need for glue to hold products together. This means they breakdown very quickly and prevent blockages in your drains.

Quick Wins

It’s also worth having a fresh look at your dispensing systems for toilet rolls and hand drying. There are several ‘quick wins’ you can achieve for added sustainability just by switching to a different fold of hand towel or type of dispenser.

A general rule of thumb is that C Folds are poor at performing in dispensers. Out of dispensers they are fine but use a Z Fold or an I Fold when they are housed in a dispenser.

Here’s my guide with video demonstrations of hand towel folds.

One of the best solutions we’ve offered our customers who need a high capacity dispenser for hand drying is the Katrin System Roll Towel. We have fitted over 250 of these in the last year already.

Would this be the answer to a more empty waste bin in your washroom?

Extra Information

Here are a few downloads that elaborate on Katrin and Metsa Tissue’s environmental commitments.

Metsa Katrin Enviro Policy

World of Katrin

Katrin Nordic Swan

To understand which Katrin product might be for you, just click this live link

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