Katrin System Roll Towel

Katrin System Roll Towel

These have been proving extremely popular since we’ve introduced these to our customers over the past year or so. Why?

  • Save time and money with less restocking (high capacity dispenser)
  • No running costs like other paper roll towels such as Lotus En Motion (no batteries required)
  • Reduce cross-infection (super hygienic – no touch points apart from sheet of paper used)
  • Save the environment and use less paper (same size sheet with each dispense, one at a time)

Which one is for you?

As with most products in the Katrin range, this product is available in 3 grades, each with 6 per case. Click the product name to go to the Source product page on our website for more information;

  • Basic – ideal for high traffic washrooms where cost is a priority (popular with schools)
  • Classic – the most popular choice as it’s a great quality towel that presents value too
  • Plus – premium product for washrooms that need the highest quality (often chosen with silver dispenser)

What can this replace?

Pretty much all existing hand drying solutions;

  • Linen Roll Towels
  • Centrefeed Roll
  • Air Driers
  • Folded Hand Towels (if it’s a high traffic washroom)

Green credits

Remember, Katrin are the super-green paper consumables manufacturer with their own forests in Scandinavia. When using Katrin products in your washrooms your environmental credits are enhanced thanks to their impressive sustainability and conscious supply chain. Plus Katrin hold the Nordic Swan accreditation which is the biggest tick in the green box you can get!


If so, let us know and we can set up a trial. Give us a call on 01252 877200.

Ollie with Penny from Guildford High School where they have installed the Katrin Roll Towels across the school campus

Ollie with Penny from Guildford High School where they have installed the Katrin Roll Towels across the school campus

Here’s what Penny at Guildford High School has to say about the Katrin Roll Towel;

“The Katrin System towels are so much more economical than the previous folded hand towels we used across the school. The waste in the classroom bins is much less.

The quality of the towel is higher too. The paper is much more durable and we even wring them out and reuse them when wiping desks. They’re easy to store and last for ages which saves my team precious time. 

They’ve been a hit right across the school in all departments.”

Want something unique? The possibilities are endless!

Black Katrin Dispenser

Bespoke matt black Katrin 46010 Dispenser for our friends over at Pedal Heaven in Fleet

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