Katrin Easy Flush

Katrin Easy Flush

Super green paper consumable manufacturer, Metsa Tissue, has a fantastic range of Katrin hand towels and toilet rolls designed to avoid blockages.

Thanks to the pure virgin fibres used in all Plus grade products, Katrin takes care of environments where blockages in toilets, sinks and pipework are common. In addition, Katrin Easy Flush delivers an extra level of reassurance for protection from blockages.


The Easy Flush product was developed by Metsa Tissue, in conjunction with an airline. The product has a “virgin fibre” base and virgin fibres have very long strands that combine together without the need for glue. In comparison, recycled fibres are short – and need a lot of glue to stay together – and it is typically glue and other additives that make a product difficult/slow to dissolve.

So, using this concept as a basis, the airline’s specialist knowledge of vacuum toilets and Metsa Tissue’s expertise in pulp – they were able to create a pulp formula with an advanced manufacturing process and optimised raw material composition that works well in all areas where traditional products can cause blockages.

It is important to note that the Easy Flush product does not use any chemical additives to aid the dissolving (unlike some other “active” products available in the market) – it is down in essence to the purity of the mix and the manufacturing process itself.


  • Victorian buildings often have very narrow pipework that is easily blocked by paper consumables
  • Aeroplanes, boats and caravans – with vacuum toilets, or compact plumbing with limited water supply
  • New buildings, with water saving flushing systems installed
  • Schools with a handful of mischievous students who like to block toilets and sinks
  • Toilets that have a very weak flushing mechanism


You really can have your cake and eat it with these products as they offer quality, functionality and cost in use savings.

Katrin have both toilet rolls and hand towels in the Easy Flush range and not only do they break down quickly but they are performing very well too

Cooking Pizza with Hand Towels

Yes! You read it correctly. Katrin have lots of case studies where these Easy Flush products have been a success. One of our favourites is from Camp Kernow where they reuse the hand towels to form briquettes used as fuel in the wood burners.

Carry on Camping Katrin Case Study

Carry on Camping Katrin Case Study

Camp Kernow Case Study


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