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It can be very confusing sometimes choosing the right quality of paper for your needs.  Where it is going to be used, what for, how much?

Workplace washrooms rarely maintain the same high standards as washrooms in fine hotels and demands on hygiene are higher in healthcare and the food industry than in say, engineering workshops. Visitor frequency is also an important factor. A railway station has a lot more people passing through it than a fine hotel or a workplace washroom and it should therefore have a higher capacity.

Give us a call on 01276 676006 if you think you could use paper more suited to your environment and we can talk you through your options.

One of our paper manufacturers, Metsa Tissue who produce the Katrin brand, have simplified the options with 3 colour codes

Katrin PLUS

Katrin PLUS

Katrin Plus  (Silver) 

  • For the most demanding users and special requirements
  • Added value for customers
  • 100% virgin paper, environmentally friendly
  • Simply the best products in the range


Katrin Classic  (Red)

  • For standard requirememnts
  • For daily usage and versatile applications
  • Value for money
  • Katrin’s most comprehensive range
  • Mostly recycled but with some virgin fibres added
Katrin BASIC

Katrin BASIC

Katrin Basic  (Orange)

  • For standard demands
  • 100% recycled
  • Basic requirements
  • Great value

All three have very strong environmental credentials due to Katrin’s sustainability programmes and continued commitment to ethical trading processes.

Check out our blog on Katrin’s very impressive environmental credentials and ethos.

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