Jeyes Professional Superblend System


The Superblend Dosing System offers;
Control | Money SavingHigh quality product


The Superblend Dispensing System incorporates 3 types of units, designed to dispense and dilute the range of Jeyes Professional Super Concentrates into a bucket/bottle.

Easy to install

  • No need for water connections, pluming or electricity
  • Compact design allows flexibility in siting the dispenser in restricted locations with the option to place the concentrate cage separately from the dispenser
  • No service required! no breakdowns, replacement or refurbishment of parts
  • Can be wall mounted, independently or sited as part of a group

Accurate Dispensing

  • Simple ‘push’ delivery system dispenses chemical into water
  • Transparent dispenser front identifies when containers are empty and the correct super concentrate has been loaded
  • Basic instructions illustrated on the dispenser

Very Cost Affective

  • Controlled dispensing with accurate dosing guaranteed
  • A unique time delay lock-out system reduces the possibility for overdosing
  • Reusable bottles allow greater cost control. No leaks or drips, reducing waste and clean up

Environmental Benefits

  • Using Superblend reduces the total quantity of plastics consumed per given volume of product
  • Each 2 litre of concentrate makes up to 200 trigger spray bottles, thereby significantly reducing transport costs
  • Each trigger bottle and spray head can be refilled and re-used in excess of 200 times
  • The bottle system saves over 30 times more plastic than conventional ‘ready to use’ product, in both manufacturing and waste

Easy Product Identification

  • The range features a highly visible coding system combining the use of colour, shapes and product coding
  • This has been designed for ease product identification, training and is fully complemented by colour coded hygiene system chart 


See how easy it really is!

The Catering range

C1 Liquid Cleaner Sanitiser

  • Powerful cleaner sanitiser
  • Fragrance free and non-tainting
  • Kills bacteria; effective against Norovirus, Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, C-diff and MRSA
  • For use in conjunction with Superblend Dilution & Dosing System

C17 Defence Sanitising Tablets

  • Effervescent, chlorine bleach tablets; dissolve to produce a powerful sterilising solution
  • Kills germs
  • Suitable for use on hard surfaces, sinks, drains, toilets and general disinfecting

Cleaning and Degreasing
C3 Power Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

  • Dissolves grease, fat and ingrained soil
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces including floor, walls, tiles, doors, canopies, fryers, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, glass, paintwork, and all general equipment
  • Fragrance free, non tainting

Hand Dishwashing
C4 Concentrated Hand Dishwash Detergent

  • High active, long lasting foam
  • Excellent grease removal
  • This dish wash detergent is suitable for many business sectors Including; Public houses and bars, Hotels and hospitality, Catering facilities, Caravan parks, Entertainment venues, Restaurants and cafes

C7 Stainless Steel Polish

  • It is non-tainting, making it suitable for use on food preparation areas
  • Ideal for use on stainless steel worktops, cooker hoods and appliances

C5 Heavy Duty Descaler

  • Heavy duty descaler for use in dishwashers, bains-marie and other catering equipment
  • It is suitable for use in commercial dishwashers and safe to use on stainless steel
  • Prolongs the life of dishwashers

C20 Coffee Machine Tablets

  • Cleaner for fully automated espresso machines and bean-to-cup vending machines
  • Fast acting for reduced cleaning time
  • Low chemical contact

B5 Purple Beerline cleaner

  • Cleans and sweetens beer pumps and pipelines by simple soaking
  • Contains purple Indicator showing contamination and lines clear

Auto Dosing & Ware Washing

A2 Auto Dishwash Detergent

  • Helps prevent scale build-up
  • Contains efficient soil antiredeposition agents
  • Not suitable for use on aluminium

A8 Auto Dishwash Rinse Aid

  • Rinse agent to aid rapid drying of cutlery and crockery in professional, automatic dishwashing machines
  • Leaves cutlery and crockery sparkling and streak-free

B2 Cabinet Glass Wash

  • Removes soiling and lipstick from drinking glasses
  • For machine glass washing only
  • Not suitable for use on aluminium

B3 Cabinet Rinse Aid

  • Promotes rapid drying of drinking glasses without streaking
  • Eliminates water spotting to leave glasses sparkling
  • For machine glass washing only



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