iVO OrbiPro


The iVo OrbiPro is the first high powered cordless orbital tool. The orbital technology is very powerful, and means that the OrbiPro can be used for a huge variety of tasks, including scrubbing, car polishing, builder cleans, tile and grout cleaning, leather treatment and upholstery cleaning, sanding, stairs cleaning, vinyl, non-slip & altro floor cleaning and dry carpet encapsulation cleaning!

What is Orbital cleaning?
Orbital Cleaning relates to how the machine moves.  The orbital mechanics allows the machines to vibrate and rotate at the same time.  This means that instead of turning in circles like conventional machines the orbital action moves forwards, backwards, left and right in quick succession, which gives cleaning from all sides and angles.



Benefits of the iVo Pro?

  • Up to 4 hour run time
  • 90 minute charge time
  • Orbital speed from 1300 to 3800rpm
  • 18v lithium-ion
  • Compact and versatile
  • Unique cordless tool
  • 14 Attachments


There are also a number of other benefits of using Orbital Cleaning Equipment as it can be used on:

  • Vehicle polishing
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Vinyl and non slip flooring
  • Tiles and Grout
  • Builder cleans
  • Leather treatment
  • Sanding
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Yacht and marine















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