Is this the end of dust control mops?


Dust Mops – Do they really work? If they look like this then the answer is no

Let’s be honest, these just push the dust and dirt around the floor rather than efficiently collecting it.

This design has been around since I was at school and once again, it’s time to progress.

What’s available?

Disposable is the way forward now as it removes dirt, hair, dust and germs away from the area once and for all. It’s SO much more hygienic and quicker too. The people we speak to either vacuum the dust mop or spend ages picking out the fluff and dirt by hand.

Check out these two products;

It’s a metal frame that has a disposable static mop strip attached that attracts dust and fluff. You dust mop the room then simply discard the mop strip. Each roll has 100 strips.

This is the clever solution to light mopping/dust mopping in areas where a mop and bucket is impractical or overkill.

The pole is hollow and holds a few hundred millilitres of water or cleaning solution. With the press of a button, three jets spray the solution on the floor in front of the mop.

Check it out in more detail here, on a previous blog.

So, is it time to evolve? Why not order one and try it for yourself?

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