Vectair Systems Invizi-Touch for total antimicrobial protection

for total antimicrobial protection


Antimicrobial treated surfaces can supress the growth of microorganisms & prevent germs/ bacteria from spreading to individuals or other surfaces. There are several ways that bacteria can contaminate surfaces and the job of Invizi-Touch is to break down this bacteria.



How it works?

Invizi-Touch has a unique blend of ingredients that forms part of our antimicrobial technology, provides 24/7 protection against bacterial build up from harmful germs such as MRSA, E.Coli and Legionella giving safe, effective and permanent protection. It works by reducing the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

The active ingredient in Invizi-Touch antimicrobial technology is silver. Silver is a natural antimicrobial agent and for hundreds of years has been used and developed to inhibit the growth of bacteria without the effects of high toxicity exposure to humans that can be associated with some other metals.The silver ions used in its formulations are bio active and prevents bacterial growth.

Incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active, when it is added into a product it is dispersed throughout the entire item, will not wash off and lasts its entire active lifetime. Silver is inorganic and non-leaching, which means, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies, it stays within the item it is added to. Silver provides antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance. Antimicrobial technology is built into the product either during manufacture or as a post treatment.


Invizi-Touch provides 

  • Continuous protection, 24 hours per day
  • Up to 99.99% reduction in microbe levels on protected surfaces
  • Protection for a products entire life cycle
  • Proven effectiveness against Influenza (H1N1) virus and MRSA
  • Invizi-Touch contains silver compounds which have superior antimicrobial efficacy against a large range of microbes
  • Registered with BPR (Biocide Product Regulation) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant additive 


invisible protection!

Invizi-Touch is moulded into the following products: Femcare Antimicrobial Scented Liners, Femcare MVP Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, Safeseat MVP Toilet Seat & Surface Cleaner Dispenser, Sanitex MVP Skin & Surface Care Dispenser (Manual).


Femcare MVP Sanitary Disposal System







The Femcare MVP range of feminine hygiene waste disposal units means that sanitary waste is disposed of safely and responsibly. Keep your customers safe and happy with a safe and subtle antimicrobial additive, on the surface of each unit, on the carousel and removable tray. The unit is stylish and highly functional, with a resistance to the build up of dirt therefore being easy to clean.

  • Manual (foot pedal) and touch free (automatic) versions available
  • Innovative revolving modesty flap ensuring waste is completely hidden
  • Removable chute (black) and quick removal lid for easy cleaning
  • Incorporates an antimicrobial additive into the carousel (inside cover) and removable tray for added protection from bacteria build up


Femcare™ Antimicrobial Scented Liners












Femcare antimicrobial scented liners are also available to use in conjunction with the Femcare MVP disposal system & other similar units; the first feminine hygiene waste liner to incorporate silver ion protection and odour eliminating technology.

  • Cost effective – removes requirement to buy a plastic liner and separate secondary additive product
  • Odour eliminating technology inside the liner ensures bad smells are eradicated while also providing a pleasant fragrance
  • Labour and time saving – eliminates on site labour cost and valuable time to manually add an odour reducing technology
  • Heavy duty liner, made from strong LDPE – reduces risk of splits or breakage



Safeseat MVP Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner Dispense










The Safeseat MVP toilet seat and surface cleaner allows quick and easy cleaning of facilities before use. Simply spray onto toilet tissue and wipe around the toilet seat before use. The ultra-quick drying chemical allows for immediate use of facilities.
Safeseat MVP can also be used as a general surface cleaner or on areas such as baby changing units that require cleaning prior to use for a positive commitment to visitor welfare.

  • Designed for complete peace of mind for your visitor
  • Each refill has a 3000 spray capacity for typically 1000 cleaning operations
  • Dispenser available in white, white & chrome and black & chrome colour options to suit user preference
  • ‘Sealed until installed’ pouches, avoiding cross contamination
  • Ultra quick drying Safeseat MVP surface cleaning chemical, for immediate use of facility
  • Push to dispense system (reduces chance of damage to dispenser from a pull action)


Sanitex MVP Skin and Surface Care Dispensers












A targeted approach to skin and surface care is the purpose for the Sanitex MVP range. Hands are left clean and hygienic when using the Sanitex MVP soap dispensers. Surfaces are left clean and dirt free when using the Sanitex MVP surface care dispensers. A Manual or ‘touch free’ automatic dispenser options available.

  • Promotes maximum hygiene incorporating EPA compliant Invizi-Touch (silver ions) protection which reduces non-pathogenic microorganism growth, preventing product degradation (Manual dispenser only)
  • Four soap options available: Luxury foam soap, anti-bacterial foam soap, ecosensitive foam soap and instant hand gel
  • With a 1000ml capacity for both manual and touch free dispensing
  • Durable, sealed cartridges ensure optimum hygiene at all times. Delivering the optimum amount of foam soaps, minimizing waste and saving you money





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