Introducing the V-Screen urinal mat

V-Screen with blue dot

V-Screen with blue dot (Cool Mint)

Urinals need some help. Channel/urinal blocks are vile. The jury is out on the expensive Sanisleeve systems. Scented urinal mats seem to be the way forward.

There are loads on the market right now, some with bright colours, graphics, advertising message, aiming paraphernalia etc.

However, we like the subtle V-Screen from Vectair Systems. Why?

  • Clear plastic – won’t intrude on the washroom colour theme or design
  • 6 really good fragrances
  • Anti-splash nodules (they really work)
  • Universal fit for all urinal shapes and sizes
  • Quick draining
  • Better value than other scented urinal mats
  • 30 day freshness
  • Anti-slip feature to ensure it stays in place

V-Screen Urinal

Why bother?

Urinals are a breeding ground for bad odours thanks to the build up of uric acid and uric crystal (see our ACT Apple toilet cleaner for this issue).

Obviously the urinals still need cleaning daily, but these mats help control the odour between washroom cleaning visits.

Depending on where these are used, they will help catch any debris such as chewing gum, cigarette buts, toilet tissue and hand towels etc that may block the urinal plumbing.

The Fragrances

The V-Screen is designed increase its fragrance output upon contact of fluid. The little coloured dot is not only a bit of target practice but it also release more fragrance when hit.

Red – Apple Orchard

Yellow – Citrus Mango

Blue – Cool Mint

Green – Cucumber Melon

White – Ocean Spray

Purple – Woodland Retreat

Other Options

P-Wave Xtra

P-Wave Trough Mat



V-Screen come with 12 per box

V-Screen come with 12 per box




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  1. DAVE

    please can you tell me the price inc p+ p for your box of 12 vectair v screen eu version
    many thanks DAVE


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