Introducing the new Katrin Easy Pick


Katrin have released a new Easy Pick hand towel that fits a gap in the market that was not seen by many people in the indsutry.

Credit where it’s due to the marketing brains over at Metsa HQ because ever since we’ve got our hands on this product and shown it to our customers, each and every one has thought of a use for it.

What is it?

It’s hand towels in a packet. Simple eh? No dispenser required and you can pull them out just like you would a tissue. A portable, hygienic, convenient hand drying solution.

Who would need them?

  • Dentists – I went to sit in the chair the other day and they had a neat pile of C Folds on the counter to give to patients. Needless to say, they now take the Easy Pack from us now!
  • Schools – during exam periods the air hand dryers can’t be used due to noise. So for any environment where dryers are installed but cant be used on a temporary basis, use the Easy Pack.
  • Care Homes – this sector is under scrutiny and is experiencing stricter guidelines. Apparently, a hand drying facility has to be available in each room and sometimes a dispenser can be a bit imposing or too ‘industrial’ in someone’s bedroom. These are an ideal option and are also great to have on trolleys that staff use.
  • Offices – I visit offices all the time and see all sorts of paraphernalia on people’s desk. Tissues, napkins, sometimes even toilet roll or a centrefeed roll. Easy pack hand towels can cover all of the aforementioned product uses.
  • Nurseries – I dropped in to see a customer who runs a busy kids nursery yesterday. They take mini centrefeed from us at the moment and have a dispenser in every room. Sometimes it can be overkill as it’s hard to pull out a small amount. Plus, if you leave a tiny bit hanging out when kids are around, then you know what can happen!


There are two types available; Plus & Classic.

  1. Plus РBigger towel, slightly better quality paper therefore slightly better absorbency  Less in the case than the Classic; 720 per case (8 packs of 90 towels)
  2. Classic – Smaller than the plus but still a big enough towel to do the business in most circumstances. More per case than the plus; 1050 per case (8 packs of 135 towels)
Easy to carry, store and the bag is recyclable too

Easy to carry, store and the bag is recyclable too

Transport & Storage

These come in a really cool pack with a built-in handle so they’re easy to transport. They pretty much square and about half the size of a normal case of hand towels so storage is easy.

Environmentally Friendly

The Handy Pack bag they come packed in is 100% recyclable so can be reused as a clear refuse sacks for all your recycling.


Each towel is totally protected in the wrapper until it is pulled out for use. Moisture, dust and germs are kept at bay so even those invisible bugs can’t get on them.

Think you need some of these in your life? Place your order now!

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