Independent School throwing money away

Last week I visited one of our customers, an independent school in Hampshire, who had alerted me to excessive use of the hand towels we supply them. Kids across the school were trying to grab one hand towel at a time but due to the variety of different dispensers around the school, loads of these ill fitting hand towels were being dispensed and ending up in the bin. Sound familiar? Read on…

A solution was easy to find. The dispensers were old and a bit tatty so we replaced all the dispensers and changed the paper from a C Fold to a Z Fold. They reckon they will use 50% less as a result, saving £100’s. Could this be done at your school?

Their accounts department were pretty happy about it; ‘You’ve enabled us to have a much more efficient use of paper towels with a simple, cost effective solution. It’s tidier and is much better for the environment too as we’ve reduced wasted towels by 50%’.

Needless to say, we exchanged all of their old stock for the new hand towels so they could start saving money straight away.

Check out my blog that explains the different types of hand towels available;


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