How It’s Made – Dave & Ollie visit the Midland Paper factory

Back in the beginning of 2012, Dave and I visited the new factory of our primary paper supplier, Midland Paper.

Whilst many people won’t find the process of making bog roll particularly interesting, those who tune into the Discovery Channel to watch ‘How It’s Made’ or ‘Megafactories’ might appreciate an insight into how our modern day necessity is produced. Plus, if we’re selling thousands of these rolls per month then it’s useful for us to understand how they’re made and for us to have the knowledge that the products we sell are quality materials and made professionally and responsibly.

Craig - Sales Director/Tour Guide!

Craig – Sales Director/Tour Guide!

Sales Director, Craig Williams, gave us the tour;

Dave with a ‘Mother Reel’

‘Mother reels’ waiting to be cut down

Mother reels are placed into this machine for cutting

First, you have to make the core. Unless you have the new coreless centre feed…

Mulitple layers of cardboard, add some glue…

Lots of hi-viz action at the Midland Factory. Procedure.

Racks of cores for toilet rolls and centre feeds


Insert one of these onto the spindle…

Cutting computer

Enter in the dimensions and the machine does the rest

The length of the roll has been finished. Now for the next stage

Rolls queued up ready for slicing


Mind your fingers. This slices clean through inches of paper & cardboard

After cutting

Chopped and ready for packaging

Conveyor belt

Human touch – ready for quality control inspection before packaging

The team inspect the rolls and sort into volumes for packing

Vacuum packed

Neatly and professional vacuum wrapped in the trusted ‘Esfina’ brand

The finished article. Ready to be packed onto a pallet destined for Source

And here’s the end result. Ready for shipping across the UK and beyond

All Esfina products are CHSA certified. Trusted quality personified.

Big thanks to Craig and all the staff at Midland Paper for having us over and giving us the tour and for producing top quality products that never fail to impress our customers.

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