Fogging Sanitiser



The Medi9 hand held sanitiser unit has been designed to be carried from room to room or for larger environments, This hand held portable unit can be used in a huge variety of situations from small areas to large or even outdoor areas.

It can be used in wet rooms, lavatories, bathrooms, shower rooms, etc in between uses to ensure that every time someone uses the room, the environment is completely sanitised.

Fogging is quick, safe and has maximum impact.

Fogging is quick, safe and has maximum impact.


  • Medi9 Hand Held Fogger – RRP £895.00+vat
  • Medi9 Hand Held Fogging Kit – RRP £1,199.00+vat (The kit includes 2 x 1ltr of fogging solution, the relevant ppe, training manual, videos and also a great case to protect the fogger and carry it around)
  • Medi9 4ltr Fogging Solution – RRP £59.99+vat


Why Fog?

  1. Prevent possible outbreaks of Norovirus
  2. Reduce the sickness spreading
  3. Providing a fast, effective sanitisation system
  4. Reduces odours
  5. From a contractors point of view it’s an added service that can either be charged for or give benefit over competition


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