Our favourite cleaning chemicals

Dave and Ollie with their two favourite chemicals

Dave and Ollie with their two favourite chemicals

Dave & Ollie’s favourite two cleaning chemicals

We sell a lot of cleaning chemicals that help clean all manner of dirty surfaces.

But which ones do we really like?


Chemical – ACT Original


This isn’t just a toilet cleaner! It’s an washroom cleaner and descaler too, which in our book, makes it one of the most versatile products out there. It can be used on floors, tiles, shower screens (amazing), toilets, taps, plug holes etc and will clean and descale as it goes.

It’s inexpensive (especially when bought in 5 litre) so represents amazing value for money. Plus, it’s independently proven to outperform Lifeguard 3-Way.

How to get the most from ACT Original

Chemical – Ultraforce


Power! This trigger spray has oomph. It’s odourless and colourless so can be used in catering environments. If Kitchen Cleaner is not cutting through grease, food stains, mildew or body fats, then bust open the Ultraforce.

Make sure you rinse with water or a clean cloth after use. It’s safe on soft metals, just ensure you’ve removed the chemical from the surface after it’s been used.

Learn how and where to use Ultraforce


Chemical – Selclen S


This product is rated by Ollie and many of Source’s customers thanks to it’s powerful cleaning ability for greasy and oily surfaces. It’s a concentrate so it represents great value and can be used at the required strength to cut through even the heaviest industrial soil.

It’s also available in lemon (Selclem S) and in either a 5 litre bottle or 25 litre drum.

Chemical – Selgiene Extreme


This is a cutting-edge product from Selden Research. Having this to sell is brilliant; it’s an answer for many of our customers and it’s great that we have such a great solution to offer.

Our friends in the laboratory at Selden Research HQ spent ages producing this product and the results are there for everyone to benefit from.

If there is ever a breakout of infection just whip this out and use on all hard surfaces.

It’s available in 750ml trigger sprays and 5 litre bottles.

When in doubt, get the Selgiene Ultra out.

Learn more about Selgiene Extreme

To get your hands on any of these chemicals, just give us a shout and we’ll put some on your next order.

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