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Facelift Window Cleaning Equipment

If you’re thinking of pulling the plug on your window cleaning contractors, here is a line of professional equipment that will save you money in the long term and give you a great result.

Mike from Facelift has been supplying us with Facelift products and kits (Facelift’s own brand and Unger products too) for about a year now and we have several happy customers using their equipment. Recently, Mike has been doing some demonstrations at some of our client sites.

Here’s Tim from St Catherine’s School, Bramley, trying out one the long reach water fed carbon fibre poles and brush on a new building on campus.

Tim loved this system and purchased it on the spot.

‘It’s a brilliant investment. I was spending thousands per year on contractors to clean my external windows and fascias. With this system, I’ve saved time and money, not to mention the quality of window cleaning has increased dramatically.

I would highly recommend this system as it’s easy to use, good value and gets great results that even the staff and students notice!’.

Facelift Demo 4

 Benefits of going in-house

  • Save cost of contracting out window cleaning
  • More flexibility in when specific windows are done
  • More control over quality
  • Can also safely wash fascias, signage, cladding etc
  • Internal windows can also be washed with the same or similar long reach poles
Reaching internal windows that had not been accessed since the building was built two years ago.

Reaching internal windows that had not been accessed since the building was built two years ago.


There are a whole host of different options available to suit all types of requirements. After seeing the demo myself, I can see why having access to cutting edge technology that is simple to use and maintain is really appealing to businesses that typical outsource this job.

There are no chemicals required as this technology uses purified water. The advanced brushes also enable the user to perform effortless cleaning and rinsing of the windows or surfaces to ensure spot-free drying.

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You really need to see this in action to get a feel for how effective and easy it is. Pick up the lightweight carbon fibre poles for yourself and give it a go, just as Tim and his colleagues did earlier this week.

Call us today to book your slot. Be quick, Mike is in demand! 01276 676006.



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