eXtremeAir Cold Plasma Hand Dryer

eXtremeAir cold plasma hand dryer

eXtremeAir Cold Plasma Hand Dryer

Ever heard of Cold Plasma technology? Neither had I but there is some serious science behind it that’s proven.

Five reasons to choose
cold plasma hand
drying technology

Cold plasma has been proven by leading
microbiologists to kill MRSA, Influenza, Staph,
e-Coli and Salmonella
Its fast acting, showing kill rates on influenza of
over 90% in 15 seconds
It is a hygienic but low cost and environmentally
friendly hand drying option
It is a completely safe and natural process – No
ozone production
It is a maintenance free technology, no HEPA filters or
tubes required

The Dryer

The dryer itself is compact and powerful yet is low energy. Available in brushed silver, white and black, it has settings to adjust the power output which also reduced the noise levels too. It can also be switched from hot to cold air.

Here’s a video demonstrated the dryers and the adjustable speed features;

This product is ideal for highly sensitive areas such as;

  • Medical facilities
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • High traffic public area
  • Food handling facilities

It is worth noting that the University of Oxford School of Pathology bought 65 of these.

The Scientific Results

Independent Labs E.coli Salmonella Influenza A Staph MRSA
99.03% 96.43% 99.17% 93.49% 96.43%**

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