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ICP002 Case

Product Focus – January

This post is dedicated to Esfina paper products, our sponsor of January on our Source & AJ 2016 calendar.

Here’s a bit more information on the products in the range of our number 1, CSHA approved paper supplier, Midland Paper.

The ITR Range of Industrial Toilet Rolls

  • This is a premium range of toilet rolls which offer a the ‘quality of home but in the workplace’
  • Made from 100% virgin pulp tissue and converted into over 10 variations; from 95 metre coreless toilet roll to 400 metre maxi jumbo.
  • Very little glue is used in sticking the two plies together so it breaks downs quickly upon flushing
  • Each pack is shrink wrapped in high quality Esfina branded plastic. None of this flimsy plastic you see from some cheaper alternatives

The ITR range from Esfina.

The ERJ Range of Industrial Toilet Rolls

  • Those looking for either a budget or environmentally conscious range can refer to the ERJ collection
  • 100% recycled pulp makes up the composition of this range of toilet rolls that are available in all lengths and core sizes. We’re even working with them to produce a fully recycled couch roll
  • Again, despite being a budget product, these are professionally presented and are a good quality sustainable option

ERJ001 Case

Centrefeed Rolls

Esfina offer a great selection of quality blue roll, despite it being the single most commoditised paper product ever! The amount of low quality, non CHSA approved (spurious length claims) product that is on the market is shocking.

You choose the length and there’s an Esfina product available, ranging from a contract 80m roll to the industry standard 150m. Options are available in either blue or white, flat sheet or embossed, 1, 2 or 3 ply and sizes to fit all your needs.

Esfina lead the way with their coreless centrefeed which is a simple solution to the tedious task of removing the core.

CFR042 Case

Hand Towels – Folded

In our opinion, Esfina set the standard in ‘contract’ hand towel consumables. We find that our customers often benchmark their Esfina hand towels against others on the market and Esfina always come out on top (which makes my job easier!).

Sourced in either Scandinavia or Italy, the C Fold, Z Fold and I Fold hand towels are about as premium as you can get without heading towards a branded product. The new ICP002 interfold hand towel even comes in a fully recyclable plastic carry case.

Hand Towels – Rolls

Esfina have a range of three roll towels that are used in a unique dispenser that, as a high capacity option, offers a great alternative to the brands like Katrin and Tork.

ESR100 5 ESR100 ESR100 3

Also in the Esfina range are
Conventional Toilet Rolls, Couch Rolls, Floor Stand Rolls and Facial Tissues

Dispenser Range

Esfina are proud to have the only 4 roll dispenser currently on the UK market. The Coreless Quad boasts an industry maximum of 380 metres at capacity.

The highest capacity dispenser in the UK.

The highest capacity dispenser in the UK.


Also in the suite of Esfina dispensers are a coreless twin, mini micro twin and the Esfina Roll Towel Dispenser.

ESR200C 3 ESR200 ESR200C Collection 5

Coreless and Mini Micro twin toilet roll dispenser from Esfina.

Coreless and Mini Micro twin toilet roll dispenser from Esfina.

Esfina Dispenser on the Source Supplies shop.

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