Eco Turtle Project

Delphis Eco Eco Turtle Project

We love the idea of this initiative launched by Delphis Eco.

Eco Turtle Project Logo

What is it?

The Eco Turtle Project aims to aid education surrounding sustainability in schools.

The positives that spin off from The Eco Turtle Project also include a fundraising revenue for the school, business skills learnt by pupils and the chance for school’s to uphold their environmental aims.

Eco Turtle Refill Station

Eco Turtle Refill Station

The Eco Turtle Project’s primary aim is to embed more sustainability education into the curriculum.  By understanding the tangible aspects of sustainability, pupils will be able to see how everyday actions can affect our planet.

From learning about recycling measures to the water cycle, environmental issues and sustainable production Delphis Eco are hoping to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Download an Eco Turtle Project case study here.

Give us a call if you’d like to implement the Eco Turtle project in your school.

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