Eco Bin Indoor Recycling Receptacle


Fully Recycled Recycling Bin from GtechS

A recent addition to the product range from a new supplier, GtechS have introduced us to the Eco Bin.

Made from 100% recycled black polypropylene, these bins are eco to the core. Available with either red or green lids for non recyclables and mixed recyclables, these bins are a great option for organisations who are on a tight budget but want to embrace recycling.

The 70 litre bin is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to cardboard. The polypropylene can be wiped clean without compromising the integrity of the structure, as with cardboard bins.

The Eco Bin is an ideal introduction to recycling. Sold flat packs of 10, schools, offices etc can have them supplied with personalised stickers to help identify specific types of waste.




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