Delphis Eco Bio Fizzy Tablets


These bio fizzy tablets are a powerful treatment to eliminate blockages from drain lines, toilets and septic tank systems.

If your school, hotel or campsite, for example, is off the main sewage line then you would benefit from dropping these into your system every so often.


  • Digest grease and other wastes
  • Keeps drain lines free flowing
  • Helps protect drain fields
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • Enzyme producing bacteria (ideal for clearing urinals that have a build up of uric stone/crystal
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Reduces use of hazardous substances
  • Phosphate and phosphonate free
  • Not tested on Animals


Areas of Use

Anywhere blockages are a problem or could occur, such as:

  • Pipe lines
  • Drain lines
  • Toilets
  • Septic tank systems


How does it work?

  1. They release millions of tiny beneficial bacteria to speed up the bio-degradation of organic waste
  2. They turn it to water and carbonate to help eliminate blockages, smells, and reduce pumping

The scientific bit

The bacteria in the fizzy tablets produce amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease. These are all essential enzymes for the degradation of organic matter. They do not contain any free enzymes.


Without fizzy tablets…

  • Natural biomass dies due to use of chemicals and overload
  • This causes the put to fill up with solid waste causing bacteria to breed and bad odours which attracts flies and bugs.
  • The solid mass becomes congested and cannot seep away.


Fizzy tablet benefits…

Bio fizzy tablets turn the solid mass to liquid reducing it to water and carbonate to help eliminate bacteria, blockages, smells and reduce plumbing.

Clean liquid can percolate through the ground without contaminating the ground water.


Directions for use

The tablets come in tubes of 20. Use one tablet per month for each tank capacity of 4,500 litres.

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