Customer Question

Customer Question

Q – What product will help deep clean an Art Department?

A – Art departments in schools are caked water-based paints, glue and oils.

We recommend a 2-stage cleaning process;

  1. T018 – Graffiti Remover. We stock a wide range of graffiti removers (they are extremely scientific products).¬†This version is relatively gently but will be great at loosening the ‘graffiti’. Extra contact contact or repeating the spray and wipe process will help remove more stubborn marks.
  2. T01 or F10 – Spray & Wipe or Multi-Purpose Cleaner (or any type of multipurpose cleaner). To clean the surface from any of the strong graffiti removing chemical, run a cloth or mop across the surface to ensure there is no residue left over that could irritate the surface or anyone coming into contact with the surface.

T018 Graffiti Remover



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