Cleaning outdoor stainless steel

Outdoor escalator panels that have not had the correct product used to clean it

Outdoor escalator panels that have not had the correct product used to clean it

Cleaning stainless steel that is exposed to the weather

We have recently been chosen as the supplier to a new outside Designer Outlet Mall that has a high spec finish with lots of stainless steel. These surfaces are exposed to all sorts of issues;

  • Weather – rain, frost, snow, sun etc
  • Airborne dust and dirt particles
  • Scuff marks and touch points

What not to use

Traditional stainless steel cleaners can leave a oily residue that when used outside will attract the aforementioned airborne dust and dirt particles like a magnet.

The answer

The answer to easy and effective cleaning of external stainless steel panels, elevator doors, escalator side panels, door handles, push plates, decorative trims etc is Selden’s Glaze.

Selden Glaze Glass & VDU Cleaner 750ml


  • Glaze is primarily a window, glass and VDU cleaner so it’s designed to leave minimal residue
  • It’s a water based product so will dissipate static charges, thus reducing the amount of dust and dirt particles that would otherwise be drawn to the surface
  • Glaze has an added solvent so it dries quickly and the surfactants improve its cleaning ability

Glaze T06/C049

This product is available in a 750ml trigger spray and 5 litres so it can be a cost effective solution even if there are lots of stainless steel surfaces that require frequent cleaning.




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