Cleaned your modular soap dispensers recently?

Modular soap dispensers rarely get cleaned. 

This sounds like a pretty trivial cleaning task but it should be performed once per year at least.


The reservoir in the modular soap dispenser can be taken out and washed but it never really is. Soap just gets low and it’s replenished over and over.

When dispensed, it draws from the centre of the reservoir, leaving the corners neglected.

This soap gets old and moldy thanks to the humidity in its washroom location. Bacteria will breed and the soaps becomes useless.

Modular soap dispenser can harbour bacteria if not cleaned out now and then.

Modular soap dispenser can harbour bacteria if not cleaned out now and then.


Bulk refill soap is the most cost effect option. However, you could look at a cartridge system that can out perfrom bulk fill soap dramatically and is a better quality of soap, be it in foam or liquid format.

This Katrin Foam Soap Dispenser is a good example.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can convert your modular liquid soap dispenser into a foam soap dispenser?

For about £3, we can switch the existing nodule with a new one and you’ll get much better economy from the dispenser. Plus, it can be refilled as easily as it is now, just with our Citrus Foam Soap refill instead of your pearl liquid soap.

You’ll also gain from cleaner basins as there are no messy drips from the dispenser with foam soap and some of that pink pearl stuff can really stain sometimes.

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