Clean Stride Tack & Waterhog Dual Mat

Clean Stride Tack & Waterhog Dual Mat

We are really impressed with this design. Our warehouse is inevitably dusty and particles of debris are carried into the office, despite matting in the entrance.

The tack part of the mat helps to remove the majority, if not all, of the dust and dirt before the feet hit the Watehog part.

It’s fantastic for areas that need to remain dust free (data centres, clinics etc) and don’t have the resources to frequently vacuum.

The tack mat part is a rubber frame/well in which the self adhesive tack mat sticks to. There are 60 sheets per pack.


These mats come in different colours and two sizes;

  • 2 x 5
  • 3 x 8

Check out all the configurations here.

Do you use the 3 Mat Sequence for optimum dust control?


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