Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

Smells great, works even better. Just use it with care

Smells great, works even better. Just use it with care

Citrus cleaner contains delimanine. This is the solvent based oil from citrus rinds and seeds. Selden use less of this in their product than other brands such as Jangro so it may smell weaker but it has worked equally as well during independent testing.

An  issue that I’d like to bring to your attention is one of dilution rates. When used on synthetic surfaces (polyurethane, vinyl, etc) there is strong likelihood that the floors will crack and deteriorate over time (2-3 years) and it’s not usually recommended as a daily use product. However, you can get around this by diluting it with a high ratio of water but obviously all users need to be trained on this.

Soon, products with a higher level of delimanine will have to carry the dead fish/tree symbol (below) as regulations are tightening up on the use of delimanine. Selden Citrus Cleaner however, won’t need this symbol due to it having less of it. That’s not to say other brands won’t tweak their ingredients accordingly but if/when they do, it will be less effective without as much delimanine.

Environmental Hazard – substances that damage or pollute the environment

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