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iVO OrbiPro

The iVo OrbiPro is the first high powered cordless orbital tool. The orbital technology is very powerful, and means that the OrbiPro can be used for a huge variety of tasks, including scrubbing, car polishing, builder cleans, tile and grout cleaning, leather treatment and upholstery cleaning, sanding, stairs cleaning, vinyl, non-slip & altro floor cleaning and dry carpet encapsulation cleaning.


Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone

The patented technology recreates ozone – nature’s cleaner – straight from the tap. Cold tap water is mixed with a stabiliser and oxygen filtered from the outside air. The water is then charged with electricity to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone = H2O +O3, a powerful, natural sanitised cleaning solution.



The iVo RovaWash has been developed to bring a versatile multi-purpose scrubber dryer machine, that gives a robust and thorough clean to many different surfaces including acting as a carpet scrubber, altro flooring cleaner, an entrance matting cleaner and a stairs scrubber.