Bio P Urinal Cap

Bio P Urinal Cap

We have a number of solutions for smelly urinals; ACT Apple and V-screen probably being my favourites.

However, there is a new product that is really impressive; The Bio P Urinal Cap.

The Bio-P is a simple dispensing system for maintaining clean, odour-free urinals.

The Bio P will last 4-6 weeks

The Bio P will last 4-6 weeks


The Bio P Urinal Cap fits any existing urinal. You just slot it in and change it every 30-90 days depending on which version you opt for.

The Bio-P will fit into almost every type of urinal without adaptation – even those which have previously had some other devise installed that when removed leaves an open hole and an adapter.

There are two versions;

  • Blue – 30g lasts 4-6 weeks – RRP £4.95
  • Green – 60g lasts 10-12 weeks – RRP £7.95

The Bio-P requires no special skills or tools to fit into the urinal and when coupled with reduced flushing (nominally 3 – 4 times each day) will provide savings both of water and subsequently cash to the consumer, not to mention carbon.

The Bio-P will also significantly reduce urinal maintenance too.

For a fiver, it’s worth a try surely!


If the urinals are really kicking up a stink, uric stone is probably building up in the pipe work or sitting in the U-bend. Use ACT Apple as a daily cleaner to help dissolve the uric stone and give your urinals the best chance of remaining fresh.

Also, some bloke have a bad aim so you’ll need to look at the floor around the urinals too. This may be where some of the odours are coming from so use Strongarm to help clean those toilet floors.







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