Bad aim? How to shift urine stains

What product will shift urine stains around urinals?

Let’s face it, some lads have a bad aim. I mean REALLY bad. This example is in a secondary school that, by their own admission, hasn’t had the most consistent or thorough cleaning schedule over the last 20+ years.

Years of mischievous toilet activity from pesky kids has meant that this washroom looks pretty disgusting and smells a bit lively too.

Bad aim = stained walls

Bad aim = stained walls

The problem

Urine is extremely acidic so you need an alkaline based product that will break down the uric acid. We highly recommend Selden’s Strongarm. This water soluble heavy duty hard surface cleaning will have enough cutting power to attack the stains and leave the surface cleaner (visually) and much more hygienic.


Dilute Strongarm 1:10 with warm water and use a cloth to wipe the affected surface. Rinse with water when finished. If this does not do the trick first time, try a longer contact time (don’t rinse so soon after application) or repeat the process.


If the effected surface is in any way porous then the results will be harder to achieve as the urine has soaked deeper into the surface of the wall material.

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