Are you in danger of Chlorine Gas?

Are you putting yourself and your team in danger? Chlorine Gas is scarily easy to create.

There is a reason why the powers that be have banned bleach on your site. It’s not bureaucracy or over zealous management. It’s because it’s potentially really dangerous.

Chlorine Gas Symbol

Why and How?

Bleach itself won’t give off any harmful gases, but when mixed with hydrochloric acid, the infamous ‘mustard gas’ is formed.

I hear of many circumstances where bleach is used to ‘deep clean’ a washroom or changing room including toilets. All it takes is a toilet with bleach in it to be cleaned with some toilet cleaner and boom! A chlorine gas cloud is produced. Que fire brigade, A&E and mass evacuation.

Read about this Surrey pub that made this very mistake

Remember; Bleach + Toilet Cleaner = Chlorine Gas. Want to minimise the risk? Don’t buy it.

As you can see, it's so easy to create this lethal gas in a housekeeping environment

As you can see, it’s so easy to create this lethal gas in a housekeeping environment

‘But it’s good at cleaning!’ I hear you say

Laboratories in chemical factories such as Selden Research don’t spend millions on developing advanced cleaning chemicals only for people like me to advise my customers to just chuck bleach on the floor.

Bleach kills bugs. Great. We have a warehouse full of chemicals that will kill bugs AND clean (removing soil, preventing lime scale and sanitising the surfaces).

‘It smells clean’  

No, it smells like my primary school from the mid 80’s. We’re in 2013 and technical chemicals are now available to help keep your organisation cleaner, more easily.

‘Like what?’

Selgiene Ultra

  • Eliminates all the viruses and germs that bleach does
  • Smells great (better than bleach)
  • Highly concentrated so last a long time
  • Fantastic cleaning strength for removing dirt, body fats, human spillages & grease
  • Can be applied to all hard surfaces
  • Available in a ready-to-use 750ml trigger
  • Will not form any harmful gases when mixed with other housekeeping chemicals
  • More cost effective thanks to its high concentration

***End of science lesson***

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