Alternatives to furniture polish


Are your cleaning team using polish? If so, you may benefit from any of these alternatives.

90% of people I meet who are using furniture polish (trigger spray or more commonly, aerosol), are using it because it smells nice, leaves a nice shine and gives the impression that the room or area has been cleaned.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that the surfaces being ‘cleaned’ are not real wood. They are plastic work tops, tables and desks that are laminated to look like wood. Plastic is not porous so the polish is just moved around the surface on the cloth or duster.


All of these are spray and wipe products that are better alternatives to polish

All of these are spray and wipe products that are better alternatives to polish

On real wood, use a wax polish. But if it’s not wood, use one of these alternatives that all have loads more cleaning power than polish;

  • Spray & Wipe – bactericidal hard surface cleaner
  • Kitchen Cleaner – same as above but no colour or fragrance
  • Sabre – lemon scented bactericidal hard surface cleaner
  • Selgiene Ultra – virucidal cleaner that cleans too. Eliminate germs and viruses with one wipe
  • Selgiene Extreme – same as above but unscented for more versatile use

All of the above will leave the surfaces smelling fresh and will be genuinely clean. Use the Selgiene products and you’ve got peace of mind that all germs have been zapped too.

Just spray one or two squirts onto a cloth (we like microfibre) and wipe over the surface. Flip the cloth over and buff.

Try before you buy

If you’d like to try one of these products, please just let us know and we’ll add one free of charge to your next order.

One thought on “Alternatives to furniture polish

  1. Steve Blethyn

    Last weekend we covered the National All Styles Martial Arts Tournament in Loddon Valley Leisure Centre here in Reading. Now having done this job before, we know that although it’s meant to be non-contact, accidents happen. Red stuff tends to pour from nostrils, lets leave it at that. Now if the medic on duty does not get there fast enough, this usually means that the floor or mats gets covered in blood. “I’ll call the cleaners they have some blood stuff” said a member of staff. “Don’t worry” I said, “We carry everything at Beyond” Out came the Selgiene Ultra, and blue towels. The job was done in a jiffy and all waste was thrown into a Tiger Bag we had taped to a table. The staff at Loddon Valley were impressed apart from the patch of floor that is now cleaner than the rest, (and it’s real wood). Stand by for a large order ;o)


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