AIRSteril – A quick heads up

AIRSteril – A quick heads up

So you may recognise these units and immediately think ‘PHS’.

That’s fair enough. But they are not the same. Why? Well, here’s the background.

The units which PHS supply are not Airsteril units. They look very similar from the outside but are supplied by a company called Biozone.

Air Purification Unit - Kills 99.999% of bacteria - PHS

The Managing Director of AIRSteril used to own Biozone UK and was involved in the design of the unit which we believe is still the same as it was back in 2005, with a single UV lamp.

In it’s day, this was a very good product. However, based on our experience with PHS, the product may have been let down due lack of lamp changes or the incorrect lamp fitted by PHS.

This would have contributed to the poor performance they have experienced and the perception of these units that may be tarnishing AIRSteril still to this day.

Technology has moved on dramatically since the invention of this unit and AIRSteril use cutting edge technology in all their units.

AIRSteril Units

While AIRSteril units look visually similar to a PHS unit from the exterior, the Washroom unit has been significantly refined and improved since its development and is quite a different machine.

AIRSteril utilize a recently upgraded specialist dual UV lamp combined with Titanium Dioxide Catalyst diffuser plates which allow it to target and reduce higher levels of bacteria, viruses, mould and volatile organic compounds which ultimately create the unpleasant odours.


Rubber Stamped

AIRSteril have UK testing by the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) at Porton Down which demonstrate the efficacy of the technology reducing airborne microorganisms by up to 98.11% in five minutes and surface contamination by up to 59.47% in an hour

I mention the UK testing and the timescales used as there are many products which claim high rates of bacteria elimination but cannot provide real test data.

Of course, AIRSteril also offer a 28 day odour elimination money back guarantee on every product meaning that there is no risk to the customer in installing these units.

Check out the AIRSteril range – which one is for you?

  • WR & WT Range – great for washrooms
  • MF Range – great for changing rooms, care homes, nurseries, food prep areas and GP waiting rooms
  • AS Range – ideal for smaller rooms; care homes, small waiting rooms and hospital bedrooms
  • MP Range – perfect for decontaminating hotel rooms, medical rooms, emergency vehicles, hospital wards and large food prep areas

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