AIRsteril Infection & Odour Control

WR Range

AIRsteril Infection & Odour Control

There are quite a few of us, me included, that are skeptical about a little box being able to help you clean and sanitise a room.

However, after meeting with Alex from AIRsteril and seen one in action, I can hold my hands up and urge you to let the little box help you keep things clean and odourless.


Okay, Science isn’t my forte, but hopefully my layman’s terms will make perfect sense.

Offensive odours are created by bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air. Moulds and fungi are also carried in the air and what’s more, bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi carried in contaminated air are deposited on exposed surfaces making enclosed rooms very unhygienic for most people.
AirSteril is an innovative technology which guarantees to eliminate odours and control infections in all enclose spaces without the use of chemicals or filters.
It does this by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi found in the air and on exposed surfaces.


There is a unit for all environments.

Washrooms, offices, changing rooms, lockers rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and so on.


WT Range (thermal convection operation, not vandal proof and must be hard wired. Vertical wall mounted only. Not for use where airflow is aggressive and mechanical air extraction is in operation)

Ideal for medium footfall washrooms and baby changing facilities (circa 200 visits per day). Also good for sluice rooms in care homes.

WR Range (fan driven operation, vandal proof construction, must be hard wired, vertical or horizontal, wall or ceiling mounted)

Ideal for high and intense (public events etc) footfall (circa 500-5000 visit per day)


AS Range (thermal convection silent operation, wall plug, 24/7 operation, vertical wall mounting only. Low output U/V lamp, extra ‘dwell time’ inside unit allows installation in small spaces of continuous occupation)

Ideal for Care Home bedrooms and hospital rooms. Also good for smoking areas in Care Homes, Prisons, Special Institutions etc.

MF Range (fan driven, hard wired for 24/7 operation. Wall plug option for portable use. Vertical or horizontal, wall or ceiling mounted. Designed for use in medium and large spaces of continuous occupation)

Ideal for Care Home Corridors, Reception areas, Dentist & GP Waiting Rooms, Locker Rooms, Open Plan Offices, Nightclubs, Cinema, Gymnasium, Nursery School Play Areas

MP Range (Wall plug option for portable use. Vertical or horizontal, wall or ceiling mounted. Designed for use in medium and large spaces where an incident has occurred such as; medical decontamination, tobacco smoke decontamination, heavy odour elimination, flood and fire damage, mould elimination, vehicle decontamination).

Ideal for Hotel Bedrooms, Saunas, Commercial and Public Service Vehicle Decontamination.


Each unit comes with a number in it’s name. This number corresponds with the approximate square metre space it will work in. For example, the MF20 will be ideal in a care home reception area that is roughly 20 square metres in size.

Money Back Guarantee

AIRsteril are so confident that the product will work, they offer a standard 28 money back guarantee. There really is nothing to lose.

we can all think of a stinky washroom that is always kicking up and odour even first thing in the morning after the cleaner cleaned it the night before. It’s because the bacteria is what smells. Get one of these machines in action and you won’t regret it.


You can either purchase these outright or rent them from us on a monthly basis (2 year contract). Prices are on the website when you select the size in the drop down menu on each product page.

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