ACT Original v Lifeguard 3Way

Selden Act Original 1 litre

Selden Act Original 1 litre

We believe that ACT Original is the best toilet cleaner and descaling product on the market. Why?

  • It clings to the toilet bowl
  • It has good viscocity
  • It is very universal
  • It is a good descaler (Sulphamic acid is 3 times better at descaling than phosphoric acid)
  • It has a non-offensive smell
  • It is at least half the price of other market leading products

Here’s what the neutral professionals say about the product when compared with another popular product on the market;

Cleaning Research H051 ACT Original v Lifeguard 3Way

It sometime takes a lot to convince a long-term user of one product that another product is scientifically more effective.  Change is tricky but with evidence like this, sometimes  it’s even trickier to dispute.

Some cleaners claim it didn’t stick to the bowl and just sank to the bottom of the toilet. I tried it myself, flushing the toilet then applying under the rim. Needless to say, it clung.

Act Original clinging to the walls of the toilet

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