ACT gets clingy

ACT gets clingy

You may have noticed that ACT Original has become a little bit thicker and more clingy.

These changes to the viscocity means it doesn’t get flushed away so easily and hopefully it is used less liberally, saving you money.

The colour has got slightly darker too but it’s the same chemical ingredients so no changes have been made to safety data sheets and no action is needed from the end user.

ACT Orignal procedure

Flush, apply and wait a few minutes, agitate, flush. Voila!


ACT Original is still the same great descaler that it was in it’s previous, thinner, form. When used in a toilet, ensure that it is not being left to cling to the bowl unless it’s being scrubbed off soon after.

The blue chemical will cling to the limescale and will be hard to remove, leading to claims that ‘ACT is staining the toilet’. It’s not, it’s just not being used properly.

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