A new era at Source

In our eyes, Source Supplies turned a corner this week. Perhaps a corner that is only really present in our minds, but as the owners we feel it’s an essential step in the right direction. It’s been drummed into me in over the past year by mentor Nigel Botterill that successful businesses need to ensure they are working on their businesses and not just in them.

With consistent stream of new business in recent months, it’s been all hands on deck for all of us in the company. We’ve all done what needs to be done in order for the customer to get their delivery in the least amount of time. Recognising that we each have our strengths in the business and that we need to ensure these are utilised to the maximum, it was apparent that we needed to employ someone who could ease the crossover in responsibilites.

Whilst to some businesses employing can be seen as a cost, we saw it as a saving. By relieving Dave and I from areas of the business that can be managed by someone else, we can now focus on our skills that will help grow the business and deliver on our customers’ expectations.

Strategically we think it’ll be a great move and we’re confident that our new starter, Steve, will be just the man for the job.